World Red Cross Day 2019

World Red Cross Day 2019: Learn why the Red Cross is so special for India

Today, on 08 May, the World Red Cross Day is being celebrated worldwide.

Let’s say that the Red Cross is an organization, Which helps in the wounded people and casualty accidents and emergency situations.

With this, it also helps in keeping people aware of health. The Red Cross was founded by Jean-Henri Deinent in 1863. The World Red Cross Day is celebrated on 8 May every year on their own birthday.

Its headquarters is in Geneva. Jean-Henri Deanant was given the first Nobel Prize in 1901 for his human services. The Red Cross had helped the injured soldiers and citizens while playing a key role in World War I and World War II. Thanks to these works, this institution was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1917.

Although the Red Cross works for disaster-affected people all over the world, how recently Red Cross helped people during the ‘Feni’ cyclone in India and Bangladesh.

Many people rescued
‘Feni’ storm caused massive destruction in India’s Odisha on May 3 but this calamity had already been predicted, due to which all the people in Odisha were rescued.

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In order to reach the message of ‘Feni’ to the people and save them, about 1,500 activists of the Indian Red Cross in Odisha had already started working. The Indian Red Cross Society and the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society have helped people together.

The Indian Red Cross had arranged 65 shelters in the state of Odisha and helped to remove the weaker people. More than 15,000 people stayed in Red Cross shelters. Red Cross workers were already ready with First Aid to keep people safe. Before the arrival of ‘Feni’, the Red Cross activists removed nearly 1.1 million people in India from the coast and in Bangladesh, 1. 6 million people saved 

So far, 15 deaths have occurred since ‘Feni’ hurricane 15 deaths and hundreds of homes have been damaged. A large number of sweeping operations are going on in the affected areas of India and Bangladesh, Red Cross and Red Crescent are still assessing what help people need. Apart from this, the Red Cross and Red Crescent workers in India and Bangladesh are doing all possible help to the affected people in collaboration with government officials.

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