Why is Good Friday Celebrated

Good Friday 19th April 2019

Good Friday is considered very important in Christian society. Good Friday means good Friday. In the world, so many sins of the people increased that salvation of sins was not possible for humans. For the redemption of sins, the Lord Jesus Christ crucified his sacrifice, so that sin in the world is reduced.

The whole world is celebrated for 40 days in preparation for Good Friday. In which crores of followers of Christ Christ fast. By remembering the sufferings of Jesus Christ, gathering prayer meetings, Bible studies, music, discourse and prayer in the house prepare people to cleanse their sins, repent, forgive the sins of their sins. Daily fasting this prayer is done in homes for 40 days so that everyone can be saved.
Holy Lord’s Supper: – On the first Thursday of Good Friday, the holy banquet, which the Lord Jesus Christ had taken with the Lord’s Supper with his disciples before death, is taken. This day is known as Lord Bhoj. All the people of Christ’s society gather in the church on this holy day and take wine and bread in this banquet.
After this, the whole week is celebrated as a weekend weekend with great devotion all over the world. In it, remembering the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the special discourse is organized in the form of worship in the churches.
The preaching of forgiveness: – The Lord Jesus only preached love and forgiveness, but became an example of love and forgiveness by his life and for the whole human race, which could not equate it to any day and could not . In a blazed and wounded condition, the crown of thorns on the head and the keel in the hand and foot. With this unbearable pain, not only did he pray for forgiveness from God for his persecutors on the cross of Calvary, but opened the door of salvation by praying for the entire human race, who were clinging to the bonds of Satan.

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The Lord Jesus took the burden of all of us by giving his life on the cross, but today we need to believe that people believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Forgive everyone and remember the redemption which is given to us by the shedding of that holy blood, lovingly interfere with each other, serve humanity, respect each other, pray for your enemies , Bless Ash, pray for one another, always serve the Lord with enthusiasm.
When Jesus was crucified, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing” (Lukas 23-24) and they sacrificed their lives. And you have also been invited for this, because Christ also took suffering for you and gave you an ideal that you too should follow his footprints. (Peter 1-21)

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