Vat Savitri | Amavasya June 2019

Vat Savitri will start from the month of Mahatma Shivaratri of Vrinda Krishna Paksha and will remain till Somavati Amavasya. According to Mahendra Kumar Pathak, the Sanskrit literary work of the Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Institute, the youth of the Krishna party will be Shivaratri of the month.

According to the English calendar, the date of June 1 is as follows. In this sequence, the new moon will start on Sunday, June 14 after the 14th. On that day, Somvati Amavasya and Vat Savitri fast will be completed.

According to Mahendra Kumar Pathak, his resides in Vat will be the best bet on June 3. It is said that Savitri had done penance under the banyan tree for her husband’s life. And the tree of the tree kept Savitri’s husband Satyawan dead in the back of his jaws so that the wild animal could not harm the body.


Hence it was called Vat Savitri fast. On this day, the tree is circled with water and wrapped in turmeric with turmeric wrapped around 11, 21, 108 times. Also in number 11, 21 and 108 the objects are also offered.

He said that Shiva is inhabited by Brahmas in the root of the tree, Vishnu in the stem and Shiva on the leaves. Therefore his worship is welfare.

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