The NHL Fan Choice Awards

The Nashville Predators’ title hopes have been dashed for long enough for most of the team to take vacation and come back and go on vacation again. Zac Rinaldo has been involved in charity work and has made lots of comments about CBD oil on Twitter. Rocco Grimaldi got a new car. Kyle Turris has been vilified and also managed to win silver at the World Hockey Championship. The Preds even hired a power play coach!

But, while the postseason of pain comes winding down, some Preds are in the running for some other prestigious titles. Now, usually these are just a fun afterthought for fans, but since there’s literally nothing else to cheer about (St. Louis vs. Boston?) I’m going to analyze the competition in each category involving the Predators.

Of course, voting remains open until June 15th, and you can vote as often as you’d like by following this link. Let’s get started!

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