The first real picture of Black hole with the help of 8 telescopes by 200 scientists

The first real picture of a black hole, 200 scientists created the Earth-sized virtual telescope through eight radio telescope’s global network ‘Event Horizon Telescope‘. 

Every telescope synchronized with Atomic Clock generated 350 TB data per day Indeed, these atomic clocks are so precise that even in one million years, one second does not even mess up.

Blackhole’s first computer-generated image was created 40 years ago

French researcher John-Pierre Luminate created Blackhole’s first computer-generated image in 1979. Based on Einstein’s “theory of relativity” this image was shown in the center of the luminous disc, the black circle (blackhole shadow) in which one part was more brighter than the other. The first real picture of Blackhole, released on Wednesday, has similar features.

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