State of Decay 2 Expansion | Heartland Released

State of Decay 2 expansion “Heartland” is now available for $9.99 across Xbox One and PC, publisher Microsoft and developer Undead Labs announced during the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference.

Welcome to Heartland.

State of Decay 2: Heartland includes arrival to Trumbull Valley in another story-based experience. When the notorious site of the first State of Decay game, the towns of Spencer’s Mill and Marshall are currently invaded with a propeller type of blood plague: a more forceful and far deadlier form than exists anyplace else. In spite of the fact that it might be a commonplace area to the individuals who homesteaded here years prior, Trumbull Valley is stuffed with new risks… and unspeakable detestations.


The Past Is Never Dead.

In Heartland, players look over two arrangements of beginning characters who have gone to Trumbull Valley for various reasons. The two sets of survivors are set to discovering individuals critical to them: characters who showed up in the first State of Decay. Players should likewise discover and enlist vital hand-created characters so as to fabricate a solid network. They can likewise guarantee the adored Jurassic Junction as their homesite and manufacture the greatest base yet, mixing wistfulness with new highlights.

Key Features

New guide! Investigate Trumbull Valley, the site of the first State of Decay game.

Account driven single-player experience with stretching storylines.

Pick your legends! Heartland highlights two beginning sets of survivors:

Quincy, an ex-con and individual from the Network, and his accomplice Helena.

Larissa, the missing little girl of Mickey Wilkerson, and her auntie Fiona.

Custom characters including recruitable survivors.

Guarantee your base at Jurassic Junction, the biggest homesite in the establishment.

All blood plague monstrosities! Blood plague screamers, wild ones, juggernauts, and bloaters including fatal new assaults.

More than eight hours of story-centered ongoing interaction coming full circle in the Gauntlet, a difficult test that requires expertise and methodology to survive.

Gives answers players have needed since the dispatch of the first game.

New accomplishments worth 500 Gamerscore.

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