Rajasthan is the 2nd State to have Law on Mob Lynching

Mob Lynching in Rajasthan On the second day of the formation of law in Rajasthan, a case of mobs lining has emerged. Police are investigating the case.

The crowd beat four people badly on the second day of the legislation

India seems to be in the grip of New fear. The fear of Mob Lynching.

Rakbar Khan a 28 Year old from Alwar Rajasthan killed on the suspicious of Cow Smuggling.

Alimuddin Ansari 40 years old Man also killed in Mob Lynching in Jharkhand..

In a series of such Lynchings, the latest is of that 28-Year-old Tabrez Ansari who was found dead and forced to say Jai Shri Ram and Jai Hanuman.

So what do we mean by Mob Lynching and does India have the law on Mob Lynching?

To understand Mob Lynching it can be defined as an act or series of the act of violence whereby a mob of a group of people which may constitute an unlawful assembly. Besides to take up law in own hands and commits violence against an individual or a group of individuals to impose their own ideas of legality, society or cultural norms.

So Mob Lynching is a situation where whether spontaneous or planned, a group of individuals decides to impose certain extra-judicial punishment on an individual or a group of individuals.

In simple words, it is a group of people saying irrespective of what the laws say. We are an authority to commit violence against and individual. Because we believe that what he or she is doing is wrong.

Does, India have a law on Mob Lynching?

At the outset, we should know that India does not have one comprehensive parliamentary law on Mob Lynching

In 2017 the Rajsabha Member Mr. Tulsi did introduce a draft, it is called Protection from Lynching. Its a good piece of Bill that was introduced in Rajyasabha but has not been debated upon and never passed by the parliament that covered different aspects of Mob Lynching.

Mob Lyncher feel that they will get away easily that is why they take Law in hands. Once they know that very strong punishment would be given to them once they encourage such violence then it can be reduced for sure.

In recenly, the Congress Led government by Mr. Gehlot in Rajasthan has also tabled a bill to deal with Mob Lynching.

The incident of mob lynching has come up in Baran district of the state on the second day of the passing of the Mob lynching bill in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. An uncontrollable mob in Baran’s Rayalvan fiercely beat up four suspected people of Madhya Pradesh as hostages. The crowd completely damaged the cars of the suspects. Later, the police reached the spot and released them from the villagers and detained them in their custody.

Know what is the matter

According to the information, in Ramgarh town of Kishanganj police station area of ​​Baran district, the police had received information about repeated rounds of some people from a suspicious car. During the search, when the police tried to stop his car, they fled towards the village of Rayalavan. Police gave this information in the village of Relevant. While the villagers tried to stop them, the suspects did not stop the car and tried to pounce on the people. During this time, car riders hit a bike, a car, and a jeep.

Crowded suspects

Due to this, the villagers got angry and caught the car riders. A large crowd of villagers gathered there. The mob later held the suspect’s hostage in a room and broke down on them. The unruly mob beat up the suspects badly and shattered their car as well. On receipt of this information, the police reached the spot, rescued the suspects from the villagers and took them into their custody. Thankfully the police arrived on time, otherwise, the crowd was so angry that a big incident could have happened there.

Madhya Pradesh  suspects caught 

Deputy Superintendent of Police Surendra Danodia said that the suspects were from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh. Police are questioning the suspects in custody. Police have refused to divulge more details about the suspects. 

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