PM Modi on Rafael Deal – all the truth has come out, the allegation is not on me

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) has given an answer to Congress president Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) in gestures and gestures on Tuesday between the ridiculous Rafale Deal. On the first day of the year, PM Modi, while interviewing the news agency ANI, openly kept his thoughts on many important issues. During this he spoke on the Rafael Deal and said that this military deal has already been answered in Parliament. Along with that, he said that whatever charges are being taken against Rafael Deal, I am not personally charged but the government is charged.

PM Modi said in an exclusive interview that “I do not have personal allegations on Raphael but there are allegations against the government. The Supreme Court has also cleared the case of Rafael Deal. Milk and water have become water. “He said,” The media should seek proof from Rahul Gandhi on Rafael Deal. “

He said, “Congress is proving that they are accusing … they have repeatedly speaking disease, so what do I need to speak again and again? He said why has the Defense Deal been always disputed since independence?

Significantly, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has often hit the PM Modi over Rafael Deal. Rahul has alleged that corruption has been done very fiercely during this deal. Therefore, the investigation of the Raphael case should be routed through the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). However, the Central Government has clearly denied the JPC investigation. The Central Government believes that the setting up of the JPC does not get investigated. The JPC only works on the party line.

Recently Rahul had said that on the day Rafael will be investigated, two names will be revealed. One Narendra Modi and another Reliance Anil Ambani Alongside, it was alleged that the Modi government gave the wrong information to the Supreme Court wrong information. Explain that after hearing the Rafael dispute, the country’s top court gave relief to the Modi government and said that there is no doubt in the Raphael deal. Even after rejecting the allegations about the Supreme Court’s Raphael deal, the Congress is demanding the JPC.

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