Pawan Singh Bhojpuri Song Deewana I Love You Bolela hit

Pawan Singh Khush boo Jain Bhojpuri Song Dance Video: A Bhojpuri song of Pawan Singh and Khushboo Jain on YouTube is going on in the hit Diva i Love You Bolela. It has seen millions of people.

The increasing popularity of Bhojpuri Films is not hidden from anyone. On some days, Bhojpuri Songs are being viral on Bhojpuri films on the Internet. In this sequence, a song from Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh (Punjabi) is fluttering. He is seen with an intense Khushboo Jain in the song. The title of the song is ‘Deewana I Love You Bolela’.

Millions of people watched and liked this song on Youtube. This song belongs to Bhojpuri film ‘Yodha Arjun Pandit’. In this song, the music has been given by Baba Baba and lyrics by late Lal Yadav have been written. Below you can see the video of popular Bhojpuri song.

It is worth mentioning that Bhojpuri cinema is fast emerging from the scope of regionalism and the sound and echo of its songs can be heard and felt across the country. Artists like Pawan Singh are slowly advancing towards identifying the National Star.

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This is not the first song to be viral on the Internet, Pawan Singh. His songs are the pride of the Bhojpuri film Jagat and Bhojpuri fans are passionate about the voice of Pawan Singh.

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