Orion The biggest GIGA Roller Coaster in Kings Island

Kings Island going to Include the Biggest GIGA Roller coaster in its Amusement Park. It will be one of the only 7 GIGA Roller Coasters in the World. 

It has been announced recently by the management of Amusement Park KINGS ISLAND

Fast Facts about the ORION ROLLER COASTER

Kings Islands Fastest, Longest and Tallest Steel Roller Coaster Orion will be.

5300 Plus feet Track

300 foot Drop which is the longest in history

It is 2nd Longest Steel Roller coaster after THE BEAS which is 7000+ Ft. 

In North America, it will be 7th fastest and in World 13th Fastest Roller Coaster.

  • Longest first 300-foot drop at Kings Island
  • Seven more hills at speeds of up to 91 mph
  • 5,321 feet of track
  • Kings Island’s tallest (287 ft.) fastest and longest steel coaster
  • Second longest steel roller coaster at the park behind The Beast (7,359 ft.)
  • Seventh-fastest roller coaster in North America and 13th fastest in the world

So just get ready to take a feel of this fastest Orion Roller coaster from the front seat. 

“Orion reflects Kings Island’s commitment to providing top-notch thrills and value to our guests,” Mike Koontz, King Island’s vice president, and general manager said. “Beginning today, coaster enthusiasts from around the world are adding Orion to their list of must-ride coaster in 2020.

August 16 is also announced as the EVE of National Roller Coaster Day.

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