MTV Splitsvilla Season 11, 23 December 2018: Kabir will change his partner

MTV is the popular TV Channel, especially among teenagers and adults. We get to see many interesting shows like Roadies and India’s Next Supermodel and this Splitsvilla which are gaining a lot of TRP. Splitsvilla is the most popular show among youngsters and it made many people famous.

It is basically the couple show in which we get to see a lot of drama and flickering between the couples. Boys and Girls first try to make their connection and they play the game with them and if they become ideal match in front of the oracle then they are safe.

In the MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 written updates, we will see certain changes in the environment of the villa. Many couples will change their partners as they are not the perfect match. We will get to see more misunderstanding between the contestants and Anushka is going to become wamp of the house soon.

The scroll comes and Shagun reads this and everyone drinks aloe juice. Splitvillans goes to Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh. Sunny says Rohan is gone and Rannvijay says we are feeling bad. Gaurav asks Shruti that if she can play with him in the show. Shagun and Samyukta were holding hands and we see Rannvijay notices that.

As we have seen in the last episode of Splitsvilla that Rohan is gone so Gaurav proposes Shruti and asks her to play with him. Shruti says okay. In the latest episode, we will see that girls will dance in front of everyone and girls go to date. A new game will come up where Gaurav will be targeted and they’ll accuse him. Gaurav goes to Anushka and says he feels some attraction towards her and Anushka asks really.

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