A Massive Fire took place at Hotel Grand Shimla

Significantly, this hotel is near the Kali Bari temple, 200 meters from Scandal Point. There is no known Casualty as such.

There was a fire in a hotel in Himachal’s capital Shimla late last night, the Famous Grand Hotel was hit late by night and one part was completely burnt to ashes. 

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However, there is no news of any known damage to it. At one o’clock in the afternoon, the police’s petrol team reached the spot. Shortly after this, the Fire Brigade started the fire extinguishing work.

Significantly, the reasons for the fire are not known. The police have registered the case and started investigations. The part of the hotel that is burnt is called a Mayo Block. In this part, there is also the Guest House of the Central Government. The fire started late at one o’clock, causing six rooms to become ashes.

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