Maharshi Movie Trailer is Out on Social Media | Movie Releasing on 9 May

The desire for the big hit of Mahesh fans is going to be on May 9th, said ‘Maharishi’ filmmaker Dil Raju. A movie is a pre-release event held in Hyderabad today. Vijay Devarakonda, Venkatesh, Allari Naresh and Sudheer were also present at the ceremony along with Mahesh and Pooja Hegde.

Film producer Dil Raju said, “This film is a big journey and we have made three big banners together. The trailer comes with messages that hit the blockbuster. All the technicians who worked for the film worked very hard. Devi Sri Prasad is traveling with the film for over a year. There are four montages in this movie, how much the story can be understood. Vamsi has been asked for placement. This song is visually visualized. Throughout the album, the album throws up.

Vamsi, Hari and Salman are the reason for this story. Hari and Salman traveled with the story. On May 9th, you come out of the theater with the caller flowing. This is the fifth film directed by Vamsi Paidipally. This is a milestone in his career. No doubt this is a wonderful movie. Soon after breathe, the film told Mahesh the line. But Mahesh got into thinking that he would do it. Over the course of a year and a half.

I called Vamsi Munna and showed me the movie. I feel a double positive film. You know .. Successful films can be made of analysis of a movie. Double positively cinematic film .. It is still complete without Vamsi to send a wand to the Vamsap.

After seeing the climax I can not control myself. Last Day’s shooting went to the location. As soon as I got my wish. Mahesh is always given shake hand. That’s it for anyone. But I went to the location and I hugged everyone. But Mahesh has gone away. Mahesh will give me the arms to see if I look back. This is a great moment. Dhanke Mahesh Babu May 9th. Dil Raju gave a speech expressing his contempt for ‘Maharshi’.

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