Looted at Badli Area in Jammu-Delhi Coach of Duronto Express

Two bogies of the Jammu-Delhi Duronto Express were looted near the Badli on Thursday morning. In the two bogies, some people went to the Badli and took away their mobile, chain and cash items from the passengers. Due to this robbery in Outer Delhi, there is definitely a question mark on the safety of the railway.

  • Looted incident in a Badli near Delhi in Jammu-Delhi Duronto Express
  • The looting near Delhi has opened the poll for the safe travel claims of the railway
  • B3 and B7 climbed the robbery group and robbed mobile, cash and other passengers.
  • Right now the Railway Police has started investigating the matter and said the matter of action soon

Passengers of Duronto Express coming to New Delhi, from Jammu, got looted on Wednesday in the capital of the country. The Badmashas got the mobile, cash and jewelry robbery by shooting a knife near the Badli Area. Crooks target passengers of coach number B3 and B7. Police is investigating the case.

The incident of robbery took place around 3:30 in the distance of the station. The number of thugs is being reported from 5 to 10. However, DCP Railway Dinesh Gupta claimed that the crook was 3 to 4, so the crime is not in the robbery but in the robbery category.

After the signal of the train failed, it is
being said that the miscreants failed the signal of the train and then entered the train. It is being told that armed gunman entered the coach B-3 and B-7 and started robbing passengers on the strength of knife. Since the coach was AC, the voice of the passenger could not come out. Looting continued in the train for almost 20 minutes, but no security personnel present on the train did not even know it. At around 4 o’clock the train ran from the buckle outer and when the train reached Sarai Rohilla railway station at 4:20 pm, the passengers complained to the police. The complaint was made on the Railway Ministry’s Twitter too.

Looted loot
The arrival time of arrival of Delhi Sarai Rohilla from Jammu to Delhi Sarai Rohilla at 12266 is of 4:20 pm. According to the information received from the railway, the train passed from 3 a.m. to Sonepat at 3:16 am, followed by 3:16 in the first station of Delhi, going through the narela to the Badli. Badli railway station master had given the green signal to the train, but did anyone know that the crooks on the outer are already trapped in the net. The miscreants saw the train coming down as soon as the signal was over, the signal failed. The signal suddenly turned red from the green. 3:24 The train stopped at the BAdli  outer. Complainant Ashwani Kumar told that 5 to 10 miscreants entered the B-3 and B7 coach and started looting with a knife on the throat of the passenger. Outside of the darkness and the AC coach, the voice was not able to go. The miscreants consolidated the goods to the millions. The Signal Department team also reached the signal location, But they did not even know about the incident. After the signal was green again, the train ran out of the oven at 3:53 and then went to Sarai Rohilla.

How the Signal Fail is on the
railway track, the signal post has a track circuit and glue joint, which is connected to the direct signal. Glue is a diameter plus plus one minus. If the two ends of a metal, such as iron, aluminum, and others are combined, the circuit of the track fails and the signal fails. It is being told that the miscreants did so in this case too. According to the information from the railway, anti-social elements have been doing this at such a place as before.

Chances of an accident
When the train gets a green signal then the train runs in full speed. The maximum speed of the Duronto express is 130 kilometers per hour. According to the rules, the driver has to stop the train if the green signal suddenly turns red. There is a danger of the derailment of the train on a sudden stoppage of full speed. Let us know that Kalka Mail has come out of track by applying Emergency Brake near Narela on this route.

Looted incidents in the past year
If the railway records were to be seen, the incidents of robbery on trains and stations in the Delhi border have increased. According to the GRP records, 14 cases of robbery were registered in the year 2018, while 10 cases were registered in 2017. GRP claims that all the cases registered in 2018 have been settled. GRP figures say that there was no incident of robbery in 2018. While there were 3 incidents of robbery in 2017, which were later settled.

Dinesh Gupta, DCP Railway, says that according to the information we received, as soon as the train stopped at the outlet of the Badli, 3 to 4 rookies entered the AC coach and looted. In this case, the case of robbery has been registered. The team has gathered in search of the accused. Very soon the accused will be in the custody of the police.

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