Kamal Nath Cabinet may take oath on December 21 or 22

Madhya Pradesh nominated Chief Minister Kamal Nath may take oath of Cabinet on 21 or 22 December after taking oath on Monday.

With regard to the Cabinet, Kamal Nath will decide the names of ministers after discussions with top Congress leaders and AICC top leaders. In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, with the regional balance, the representation of ethnic, experience and youth will be kept in mind. Kamal Nath is also a challenge to include the supporters of state veterans in the cabinet.

Sources reveal that Dr. Govind Singh, KP Singh, Sajjan Singh Verma, Dr Vijayalakshmi Sadhau, Arif Akeel, Bala Bachchan, Bisahulal Singh, Imati Devi, Tulsiram Silavat, Govind Singh Rajput, Hukum Singh Kara, Narmadprasad Prajapati, experienced in the Kamal Nath Cabinet. Young people like Jitu Patwari, Hina Kanwar, Priyavrat Singh, Umang Singhar, Tarun Bhanot, Sanjay Sharma, Sukhdev Panse, Kamleshwar Patel, Sachin Yadav Can get the chance. On the other hand, Independent MLA Pradeep Jaiswal Gudda and Tha Surendra Singh Sherra Bhaiya can also be included in the cabinet.

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