Judge ordered to distribute the Quran to Richa Bharti

The judge ordered to distribute the Quran will go against the Higher Court against the judgment

Jharkhand A court in Ranchi had granted bail on the condition of distributing five Quran in the case of objectionable comments on the social site. Now Richa has refused to accept it.

Ranchi,  In the case of making objectionable comments against the religion special, Richa Bharti  of Pithoria, who came out of jail on conditional bail, will not distribute the Quran.

He will challenge the court’s order to distribute the Quran in the upper court. On behalf of Richa Bharti, advocate Vinod Kumar Sahu said on Tuesday that the copy of the order of the court has not been received. After reading the order, the upper court will be knocked on the door against it.

Whatever order the court will order, will be followed. It was expected that a petition will be filed in the upper court on Tuesday only from Richa. But due to the copy of court order not available till evening, this is not possible. At the moment, there may be more than a day or two.

Was sent to the disputed post: On
12 July, Richa Bharti was sent to jail on charges of sharing the controversial post on the social site. On Monday, the court of Judicial Magistrate Manish Kumar Singh granted conditional bail. During the bail hearing, the judicial magistrate ordered the accused to distribute five Quran within 15 days.

According to the order, a copy of the Qur’an will be shared by the complainant, Sadar Anjuman Committee, Pithoria and four other Ranchi government universities, colleges or schools. During the distribution of the Koran, it was also ordered to provide proper security to the Ranchi police.

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Fears of communal tension
An FIR was lodged on July 12 by the Sadar Anjuman Committee, Pithoria against Richa Bharti. The Anjuman Committee had feared communal tension due to the post. After this complaint, Pithoria police station was arrested in the evening and sent to jail.

Richa, surrounded by well-wishers, came
out of jail on Monday evening, and a crowd of well-wishers gathered at Richa’s house at Pithoria. From Tuesday morning onwards, they began to get involved with the villagers. Throughout the day, the leaders associated with various social and religious organizations started coming to visit. Lawyers associated with the organization remained involved in the investigation of the case. In the evening, BJP spokesperson Pratap Nath Shahdev also met Richa and his parents. They trusted to provide all possible legal support.

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