How long will it be stabbed in the back of the farmer to win the election | Said PM Modi

Dharamsala, Munish Dikshit Addressing a public gathering in Himachal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Congress is lying on debt forgiveness of farmers. He said that do not cast people into confusion by telling lies on the farmers.

There were promises of debt waiver before the elections in Punjab but there was no debt waiver. In Karnataka, only a few hundred farmers were given a debt waiver. To win the election, the country will be stabbed in the back of the farmer.

PM Modi said that whenever there is an opportunity to come to Himachal, it seems that I have come to my house and am among the people. For a very long time, it was a privilege to work in the organization by going to corner corners and learning a lot. Those who had the opportunity to work with that time, are glad today that they all have become the leaders of the first row of Himachal. This is a very happy moment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was addressing a public gratification rally organized on completion of one year of Himachal government at Dharamsala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. He recalled the holy sites of Himachal during this time that every village here is a village of goddesses. Come to Himachal and experience peace and brotherhood. This is a big identity of Himachal. Here the heroism of peace kills a war. Dharamshala has made his name in the field of sports today. It has grown in a very short time.

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