Youngest IPS and IAS Officer from Gujrat Best Motivational Video and Story

If you have the courage and effort, luck will always be with you.

The words are from Safin Hasan, who cleared UPSC and GPSC on his first attempt at age 23 only. Safin Hasan is the youngest IPS officer in Gujarat. The story of Safin’s struggles and hard work, achieved at such a young age, with many challenges, is inspiring for every student.

Best Motivational and Inspirational Speech by Youngest IPS Officer Safin Hasan

Let’s Go through the Inspirational Story of Safin Hasan in Detail

Safin from Kanadar village in Banaskantha got his primary education in Gujarati medium and then studied B Tech at a college in Surat. Sutfin’s main theme in UPSC was Gujarati literature. 

Safin cleared the UPSC and GPSC Class One exam at the age of 22. Safin’s IPS training will begin in Hyderabad from December, but he will once again take the IAS exam to improve the rank.


1. How He got into IPS

When I was studying in primary school, I saw officers once,

said Safin. I was very impressed by their status and style. Ever since then I had the mind to go to the same field, and as I learned more about this I realized what this post is about. How much does it matter? And how many people it can affect. Then decided that only UPSC was to be done, and finally cleared the exam. ‘


2. How Prepared for the Exams of UPSC


It is worth mentioning that Safin went to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC. Talking about his routine, Safin says,

‘When I was in Delhi, I used to read 14-15 hours a day. Before leaving for Delhi, I had prepared a plan on how I should prepare. It was during college that I started researching. I prepared for a year exam in Delhi. 

3. Coaching from Institutes and Own

For those students who cannot go for coaching in Delhi or even coaching in their own city, Safin says that the biggest weapon right now is the Internet. There are many institutes in Gujarat where study materials are available. Classes only give you guidance. You do not need to attend coaching classes if someone else guides you.


4. Use Social Media

It is worth mentioning that there are many students who stay away from social media while preparing for such an important exam. But during the preparation, Safin was active on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Safin says

How to use social media in moderation is especially important. If you do not use technology these days, you will be left behind.


5. Interview Experience of Safin Hasan

It is worth mentioning that Safin has the second rank in India in the interview. Safin says of his interview experience,

The interview was the most fun part for me. Because you don’t have to prepare for it. Interviews are a Personality Test and Personality does not come from a two-month reading. My advice to students is that as soon as you start preparing for the written exam, your interview preparation begins. If you want to be an officer then your personality and attribution should belong to an officer.

6. Questions in Interview

What is the need of the madrasa system at present? Why is there a cast system in Islam in India? What is the significance of fattening? Should institutions like Banaras Hindu University and Aligarh Muslim University have such names? Such questions were asked in an interview to Safin. 

The panel wanted to know by asking such questions that when I was made in-charge of an area, I would deal equally or discriminate with people in every community,

said Safin. But those people were satisfied with my answers and I have the second highest marks in interviews all over India.


7. Accident before Exam

Safin Hasan Youguest IPS Officer from Gurat

It is noteworthy that Safin was injured in the road accident and was injured while leaving for the exam. Suffin said of that experience, I had realized that if I did not write the paper, my labor would be in vain. I had injuries to my legs and hands, but my right arm was safe. So I got up and went to the exam. After giving the exam, I went to the hospital. “Different people are my role models in different fields,”

said Safin. But when it comes to officers, IPS officer Hasmukh Patel is my role model. I believe that everyone should also have a sense of well-being.


8. Parents Contribution

Preparing for the Civil Service Examination requires hard work and patience. 

I was already fond of reading,

says Safin,

so I used to get bored a lot while preparing. But when I was bored, I would hit the market, buy whatever I needed, go on a walk in the garden, listen to music. ‘ Talking about his parents’ struggles,

Safin says, “The Golden Period of my parents started.” He never gave me any advice. These people have lived that I have learned from their lives. What are the value of honesty I have learned from my mom and I have learned to serve others? Mom has taught the importance of being honest with yourself.

9. Need to get Overcome the fear of Police from People’s Mind

Safin says, “Often there are questions that there is no saving in the house. How can I teach my children now?” Then my father used to say that we earn honestly so that no work can stop us. ‘ Safin says he wants to work in the tribal area of ​​Gujarat if he is given the option of posting. Safin says that first of all he wants to bridge the gap between police and civilians. People in India are afraid of the police rather than feeling safe and Safin wants to overcome this fear.


10. Advice to Students from Safin Hasan

Safin Hasan Youngest IAS Officer

Regarding some of the questions that arise in the minds of students regarding UPSC-GPSC, Safin says that many students believe that mathematics or English cannot be cleared if they do not know the exam, but if they are taught in Gujarati medium, it is a lie. I have studied in Gujarati medium and I have given a written exam in Gujarati only. When interviewed in English.

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11. You are first INDIAN and rest …

If you have the talent and are ready to work hard, you can reach any post. If you work hard, any Safin Hasan can become IAS and IPS too. One thing to keep in mind is that when you exit the four walls of the house, you are the first Indian, regardless of your religion and caste. If this is a mentality then there is scope for you everywhere.

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