Groffers, are giving cashback of Rs 5,000

The online booking companies who make home delivery of grosaries are competing to entice customers in Grofers, Big Basket and Amjon Pantry. In this order three companies are constantly offering discount offers. However, groophers have offered big offers over the other two rivals. Let’s know, where the ration procurement will get …

Grofers has just launched 100% cashback offer. To take advantage of this, it will now have to book a slot in 50 rupees. After booking slots, you can shop between Jan 19 and 27. The company will pay a maximum of Rs 5000 cashback. That is, if you buy goods worth 5000 then you will get full benefit from this offer of Grofers.


Grofers launched this cashback offer in the name of Grand Orange bag. To take advantage of this, you can book slots till 12th January. You have to spend 50 rupees for this.

After booking a slot, wait till January 19. Between 19 and 27 January you can book luggage. If you want, you can buy a full cashback of Rs 5000 by purchasing more and more items like ration of non-spoilable oil like soap, oil and soap. Keep in mind that cashback is 100% Confirmed, not 100% That is, the amount of cash you will buy up to 5000 rupees, the cashback will come. If you buy more than 5000 rupees, you will get cash back of 5000 rupees only. You can use this cashback cash on the order after January 31, but only 20% of the total bill will be used on every order.

Some other offers are also available on booking the Grand Orange bag scheme slot. Customers booking slots will get a free, at least 50% discount on grofpers, 1 rupee deal, free shops of everyday goods etc.

Grofers are also getting discounts on payment by bank card. Under this, the new AXIS bank card will get a discount of 250 rupees for a minimum purchase price of Rs 1500, new users will get a 20% discount (maximum Rs 200) on the HDFC and ICICI bank card, a discount of Rs 225 on the purchase of the minimum 1500 on the ICICI bank card. 250 / – discount on purchase of minimum Rs. 2000 on HSBC card, Rs. 150 discount on purchase of minimum 1000 rupees on HSBC, Rs. 300 discount on purchase of minimum 1500 rupees on Times Card.

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