First Ever Image of BLACK WHOLE Released Today

It is a secret till today that things disappear after going inside the black hole.

There are so Many Hollywood movies have become on the black hole, but in reality, no one has seen black holes. On Wednesday evening, around 6.30 pm, pictures of a black hole will be revealed for the first time. 

Scientists are researching the space through the scientific press conference to bring the photos to the world. Even before that, the scientist has been trying to take pictures of black holes, but its gravitational force is so much that sometimes it can not get success.

first ever black hole image revealed

Photos of real black holes will be seen in 6 places of the world, which are to be taken from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). Telescope has been installed in Hawaii, Arizona, Spain, Mexico, Chile and the South Pole. Each telescope is equivalent to a football pitch. 

A virtual telescope has been created by adding them all. It has been prepared to take a picture of a special black hole.

A black hole is a place where there is no law and order of physics works. Its gravity is so powerful that after going inside it does not come out anything, even the light too. 

Any light that falls on the black hole, disappears immediately inside. Some time ago scientists found that these mysterious celestial objects are constantly growing and despite this the size of the shape is similar. After growing, the answer to not growing size has been found now.

Black holes can be considered the last time of a star. When a huge star is about to end, then it starts shrinking within itself. In the end, it becomes a black hole which can swallow any major thing within itself.

There is so much attraction in the star of dying that all the substances within it become confined and take the shape of a small black ball. Now there is no volume, but the density is infinite. After this, it starts pulling all the objects in space. The more things get absorbed in it, the stronger its strength becomes.

Spaceologists distinguish the black hole on the basis of their size. Small black hole stellers are called black holes, while older ones are called super-black holes. Their weight is so high that a black hole can be equal to millions of millions of suns. In the year 1972, black hole was first confirmed.

Stephen Hawking gave the theory of Horizon on Black Hole. Its outdoor part is called the event horizon. It keeps radiation from which the name of Hawking radiation is given. Because of this, one day comes when the black hole loses its mass. By going into this black hole, light, time, space loses all its meaning. What will happen after going here, no one has yet come to know. It may be that you get into a new planet or become clean. This can also happen that you remain within the hole and remain the same for eternity.

blackhole image

Professor Leonard Saskind of Stanford University did a lot of research on why he did not swallow the entire space after all. He designed the holograms by designing toy models as black holes and researched the years. It found that the volume of the black hole and its shrine increases simultaneously. There is no indication of how fast this process is, the laws of physics are not yet available. Because of growing up with both things, they both continue to bite each other. This is the reason that even after continuous growth the black hole remains the same, even if its power increases.

The physicist John Priscill of the California Institute also admits Professor Leonard’s theory as interesting. He says that this concept of a complex is good and can be researched further. However, no one is currently agreeing to this theory.

black hole images

Douglas Stanford, a specialist in black hole, who is also a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, says, does the black hole have an internal clock that runs over time. The black hole can not be understood with the help of known facts of physics at the moment, for this, the imagination must be taken forward.

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