Che Guevara A Stubborn Prince

He was a very stubborn person since childhood, encouraged that the difficulties were transformed into the spot. Born in June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina, a child born in a middle-class family was named Ernesto Che Guevara, but the wanted people called him as ‘Che’. 

The word ‘che’ means its own or very close. Father was of Irish origin, while the mother was of Spain’s prestigious family. After the second year of birth, Che had become asthma, after which the game of Lukas was hidden … but this impoverished child did not allow asthma to dominate his life. It seems that the training of guerilla warfare has got the same ‘game’.  

After Che Guevara studied medicine, he could have lived as a doctor in the college of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. But, looking at the poverty and exploitation of people around us, chose the path of the Marxist revolution. In fact, he made a long trip to South American countries on his Norton 500 cc motorcycle. During this, he had seen people’s poverty and misery very closely. They began to believe that armed movement is the only way to diagnose problems of South American continent. 

Chekhov Guevara, a freedom fighter with just 100 fighters, was given a chance to Cuba, and 52 years after his death, he lived among Cuban people. 

The only reason for this is that he liberated Cuba from dictatorship. Che Guevara, along with Fidel, overthrew the rule of dictator Batista from Cuba with the help of the army of just 100 guerrillas. This caused a major setback to America. 

Let the CIA hand behind the dictator Batista’s rule. In the year 1955, at the age of 27, Che Guevara’s first meeting with Fidel Castro took place in Mexico, where he went to Golorilla with his younger brother Raoul to take the training of war. 

Hundreds were executed without trial 
.After the revolution of Cuba in 1959, Fidel Castro led a communist government. Fidel made Che Guevara prison minister. 

During this, Che Guevara found a new face. He hanged hundreds of criminals caught during Castro’s mission without hanging them on the gallows. 

There has been criticism for this move too. In spite of this, Che Guevara’s popularity still remains in his youth. Whether it is America or T-shirt with Che Guevara’s picture among India’s youth is still the choice of youth.

… and the world was at the mouth of the Third World War,
after the rebellion of 1959, the United States broke all its diplomatic relations with Cuba and imposed economic sanctions on it. After that, Cuba extended its support towards the Soviet Union. In 1962, the Soviet Union sent its missile Cuba to be deployed against the United States. 

America was shocked by this move of Cuba. After this, US President John F. Kennedy said that he would take a tough stand, eventually, the Soviet Union had to withdraw its step. 

The crisis lasted 13 days, due to which the world appeared standing at the mouth of the Third World War. Scholars consider Che Guevara’s diplomacy behind this crisis. 

The shining flame of power could not be distinguished …
Che Guevara was made Cuba’s industry minister at the age of 33, but after leaving the post for the purpose of revolution in South America, he turned to the jungles. 

At the age of 37, Cuba’s most powerful young man Guevara trained guerrilla fighters in the rebels in Congo. 

After this, he went to Bolivia where he started training the rebels. During this time US intelligence agencies followed them. Finally, on October 9, 1967, American intelligence agents and Bolivia’s army were captured and captured by Che. 

Today, even after 52 years of his death, he has not been expelled from the youth. Experts believe Che Guevara’s honesty and the fight of the rights of the poor behind it.

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