Blood Donation Day

According to the World Health Organization, most of the healthy people donate blood.

People everywhere donate blood everywhere in the world. Awareness is spread to people to donate blood, and more and more people are encouraged to donate blood.

By the way, many rules are followed for donating blood. But among them there are many myths and half-truths related to it that they believe are coming.

Vegetarian people can not donate blood

According to a survey, many people believe that vegetarians can not donate blood. It is seen as an iron deficiency. Iron is a major ingredient in blood that is found to be less in vegetarian diet.

But as long as you are eating balanced food, you will get enough iron. But if you do not have proper iron in your body then keeping your security in mind, you are not allowed to donate blood.

Many countries also investigate hemoglobin in the blood of people who donate. If the hemoglobin deficiency is found in the blood, then the person is considered ineligible to donate blood.

no tattoo before donating blood

Do not ban blood donation by tattooing and limb biting

There is no restriction on making tattoos and donating blood on people who have limb, but they need some waiting time.

At the same time, those people also have to wait for someone who is struggling with a tooth and has come together with the doctor.

According to the guidelines of the WHO, waiting for 12 hours after making tattoo for blood donation is 6 hours and after knocking the limb from a professional. Apart from this, there is a waiting time of 24 hours from the dentist’s grinding.

Sick, pregnant, can not donate blood

This thing is really true. Those who are found positive for HIV (AIDS virus), hepatitis, Syphilis, tuberculosis, they can not even donate blood.

You must be free from any type of infection 14 days before donating blood and if you are taking any special medicines, it is very important to complete the course of medicines seven days before donating blood.

The rules related to medicines depend on each country.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have just given birth to a baby or have recently done abortion, then you will need to wait some time to make an iron check before donating blood.

According to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), operated under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, for 12 months in the case of pregnancy, this time limit is 6 months in case of abortion.

Menstruation also do not create any obstruction to donating blood.

According to NACO, the minimum age for donating blood in India is 18 years. However, this age is different in different countries, such as the initial age of blood donation in the United States is 16 years.

Risk activities

The World Health Organization has placed some of the activities of humans in high risk category for blood donation. Some such risks can prevent you from donating blood.

The WHO has placed sex workers in this category and those men who have sex with each other.

When donating blood, take care of the fact that the injection used in it should not be used again.


Blood donation will end in body blood?

It is also a misconception that blood donation will end in blood.

An average adult body contains about five liters of blood. Although it depends on body weight too. At the same time about 450 ml of blood is removed from your body during the blood donation and the healthy person makes such blood again in 24 to 48 hours.

In the United States, you can make blood donation 12 times a year i.e. once every four weeks, if you talk about donating platelets, you can do this 24 times a year.

According to the NACO, in India, men in India can donate blood once in three months and once in four months.

You are eligible to donate blood:

1. If you are completely healthy

2. Your weight should be at least 50 kg and at most 160 kg

3. You should be between 18 and 66 years (depends on the rules of different countries)

4. Do not get pregnant or breastfeed

5. There is no history associated with HIV

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