Bikini Airline – VietJet is Launching Direct Flights to Vietnam

Return fares from Rs8,800 for flights from Delhi to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.

Disputable Vietnamese minimal effort bearer VietJet has declared non-stop flights from Delhi to Vietnam beginning December this year. VietJet additionally named the “bikini airline” for its racy special tricks, will fly from Delhi’s IGIA to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on substitute days, successfully working every day flights among India and Vietnam. The flying time is relied upon to associate with 5 hours.


VietJet has put out a 3-day deal for its flights from Delhi to Vietnam. We discovered comprehensive, return charges for as low as Rs8,863 for mid-December dates. Mind you, this promotion passage permits a difference in dates however no discount on scratch-off. It additionally permits just a 7kg portable recompense. Charges for checked things extra.


Delhi-Vietnam flights

Ho Chi Minh City to New Delhi:

  • 4 return flights (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) starting December 6, 2019.
  • Departure from New Delhi at 11.50pm; arrival in Ho Chi Minh City at 6:10am.
  • On return, departure from Ho Chi Minh City at 7pm; arrival in New Delhi at 10.50pm.

Hanoi to New Delhi

  • 3 return flights (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) starting December 7, 2019.
  • Departure from New Delhi at 11.50pm; arrival in Hanoi at 5:20am
  • On return, departure from Hanoi at 7:10pm; arrival in Delhi at 10.50pm

Yet, will you fly VietJet? There’s somewhat of an ethical issue here. More than its system or administration, it’s the suggestive—some state chauvinist—advertising stunts that VietJet is better known for.


The airline has been distributing a yearly schedule highlighting bikini-clad models dressed as airline stewards, pilots and ground staff. Unexpectedly, VietJet is established and kept running by a lady business visionary.

It has likewise copped fire for its onboard “design appears” highlighting models in bathing suits strolling down the passageway. In 2002, it had five hopefuls from a neighborhood stunner exhibition complete number mid-air. VietJet was fined 20 million Dong (Rs55,000) for gambling air security.

Resolute, VietJet completed a reprise in January 2018. It marched unmentionables models down the flying machine that was flying Vietnam’s football crew. Indeed, even the attire painted outwardly of a portion of its flying machine demonstrates “airline stewards” making a gesture of blowing kisses.

The airline CEO later apologized, saying that it was certifiably not an arranged issue, yet an “ad-libbed execution” by the organization’s coordinations group.

Soon thereafter, VietJet discharged its 2019 schedule including nothing unexpected bikini-clad models, or “VietJet blessed messengers” recommending that the airline won’t move away from its image situating yet.

We don’t have the foggiest idea yet in the event that any of these tricks have been arranged for the dispatch of the Delhi-Vietnam flights. One can unquestionably strongly expect not.

For the record, IndiGo and GoAir have likewise arranged flights to Vietnam not long from now.

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