Armed Forces Flag Day | 7 December

December 7: You may not know why Indian army celebrates flag day

The flag day is the day of revealing respect to the army of the country. It is celebrated on 7th December every year on the Armed Forces Flag Day. The day to show solidarity with the brave soldiers, who lifted the eye towards the country and took the iron and became martyrs.

By staying in the army, not only protecting the borders but also fighting terrorists and militants, left their lives in peace. On the Armed Flag Day, there is a day of civil unity against the soldiers and their families, so the duty of every citizen is to ensure that they contribute to the respect and welfare of the soldiers on December 7.

Money is collected on this day. This money is collected by giving people a sticker of the flag. The amount of sticker for the dark red and blue flag is determined. People buy a sticker by giving this amount and put it on the pin with their pins.

In this way, they express respect for martyrs or casualties. The amount that is collected is deposited in flag day fund. This amount is used in the welfare and rehabilitation of the soldiers of the soldiers who were martyred in the wars or the casualty soldiers. This amount is spent through the Sainik Welfare Board.

Every citizen of the country should contribute to flag day fund, so that the flag of our country touches the sky’s heights. Armed flag day is celebrated every year on 7th December every year. This day is especially celebrated especially in the three armies of India.

On August 23, 1947, the Union Cabinet’s Defense Committee decided to celebrate flag day on December 7 for the welfare of the war veterans and their families.

The committee decided that whether this day the soldiers, whether they are navigators or Navy and Air Force. It will be a day to show respect to them. From then on December 7, we celebrate this day while remembering the service of our soldiers.

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