Amit Bhadana YouTube Video Rap has been Seen by 3.5 million

After all, after the long wait of the fans, the first official song of Youtube Star Amit Bhadana has been released. Who has made Tehelka on YouTube and is constantly on trending. The songs of Amit, who made a place in the hearts of millions of people from their home country, are increasingly increasing their views due to the love of the people and people are appreciating this video.

In short, this song of Amit Bhadana, who is scattering his talent on YouTube, is getting great love. More than 35 lakh people have seen this song so far and the songs of this song are continuously increasing. Recently, Amit has completed 12 million subscribers and completing 12 million subscribers on YouTube is a big achievement in itself.


Amit Badana Video Download – Parichay

Aisa tha Mera Kal Aisa hai Mera Aaj

See why this heart touching song :  In this song of 7 minutes 11 seconds, many events related to Amit’s life have been presented emotionally. Which forces the heart-to-mind to think. In the video this is mentioned in the video about the difficult situations that Amit, who is in front of today’s trials, is a heart-rendering tales. You must definitely check this video once.

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