Amala Paul in Aadai

Actress Amala Paul’s nude costume film has been filed by Hindu organizations in several places.

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  • Feminist protest against dress Tamil film
  • Hindus are also opposed to Amala Pal’s speech

Actress Amalapal Sindusamalai from Kerala made her debut in Tamil film world. Prabhu became the heroine of Salman’s film Myena. After that, Amlapal, who starred in U Certificate films like Hunt, Devi Daruma, Unemployed Graduate, and Thalaiva, suddenly got into a romance with director Vijay.

Amalabal was married to A.L.Vijayee shortly after the two initially refused. It was said that there was opposition in the AL Vijay family. After her marriage, Amalapal started acting in films. Acting closely with the heroes caused a stir in the AL Vijay family. Amalapal divorced A.L.Vijayyi in a few years, causing problems for both of them. She is currently back in films.

Aadai Tamil Movie Trailer

He plays a number of brave characters and glamorous characters. At this stage, the song launching of Amalabal’s costume film took place. Amalabal’s speech at the event has caused controversy. Amalapal is dressed in a costume. During the show, he said that only 15 of the major technicians were present.

But the next day, Amala Paul spoke of the 15 technicians who claimed to be brothers and said that even Mahabharata Panchali had only 5 husbands and that he had 15 husbands . The talk is currently controversial.

Criticism has emerged that the director, who took the villainous film Mayada deer, has now published an unimaginable picture of Amalapal in the name of a different effort, taking an obscene picture with his family.

Hindu organizations have raised the alarm that Hindus are saddened by the present talk of Amala Paul Panchali. Hindu organizations are currently demanding a ban on women’s organizations for complaining about the nakedness of Amala Paul. Thus the crew is in tension.

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