30th Anniversary of World Wide Web

In this way, Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s boss responded to his proposal titled “Information Management: A Proposal” presented on this day in 1989, when the inventor of the World Wide Web was a 33 year old software engineer. Initially, Berners-Lee named a large hypertext database, “Aries” with a “type” link to share information in many computers to help its partners in “Cern (a large atomic physics laboratory in Switzerland).

Berners-Lee’s boss gave him time to develop the humble flowchart in the working model while writing the HTML language, the HTTP application and the Worldwide Web App – the first web browser and page editor. By 1991, the external web servers were up and running.

The web will soon bring revolution in life because we know it, beginning in the information age. Today, approximately 2 billion websites are online. Whether you use it to check videos of email, homework, gaming, or cute puppies, chances are you can not imagine life without the web.

Should not be confused with the Internet, which was evolving since the 1960s, the World Wide Web is an online application made on innovations such as HTML language, URL “addresses,” and hypertext transfer protocols or HTTP. The web has also become a decentralized community, established on the principles of universality, consensus, and bottom-up design.

Jeff Jeff, CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium, said, “There are very few innovations that have really changed everything.” “Web is the most powerful innovation of our time.”

30th anniversary wishes to the World Wide Web!

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